Stationary Control (Adjustable) Drives

Stationary Control (Adjustable) Drives

TB Wood’s stationary control adjustable drives need no lubrication. Exclusive, patented locking collars clamp all movable parts securely in place, eliminating relative motion between sheave parts as well as freezing and sticking from fretting corrosion. Available in FHP, JVS, 5VS-8VS and SVS models, Wood’s stationary control adjustable drives are accurately balanced to assure smooth operation and long life.

Product Features

  • 5VS and 8VS Ultra-V Adjustable Sheave
  • For 5V and 8V narrow belts
  • Capacities to 500 HP @1750 RPM
  • More HP per inch face width
  • JVS Adjustable Sheave
  • Needs no lubrication
  • Up to 40 HP @ 1750 RPM
  • For A-B or 5V belts
  • Light Duty (FHP) Adjustable Sheave
  • Give 30% change in datum diameter
  • Designed for 4L or A and 5L or B V-belts
  • Machined from annealed cast iron
  • One and two groove adjustable sheaves
  • B and C SVS Adjustable Sheaves
  • Available in 2, 3 and 4 groove sizes
  • Needs no lubrication

Technical Product Data

  • Please reference Section D2 of the Mechanical Products Selection Catalog (P-1686)